These are just a few of the clients Catapult has worked with in the past.

    Nike runs a complicated global sports company everyone is familiar with. In 1996 they embarked on an ambitious plan of converting part of their financial operations to Oracle Financials from an outdated mainframe system. Catapult was one of the three consulting firms involved in this process and remains a vendor for Nike, the largest company in Oregon. We worked with Oracle Consulting and rolled out the technical side in eight months.

    Tektronix is a leader in Oscilloscopes, mobile communications, color printing and many other electronic devices. They are the third largest company in Oregon. Tek hired Catapult to develop a variety of custom forms, reports and PLSQL. Before Chain Link was around they hired us to build something similar. Tek had a multitude of servers running Financials and needed to keep all of them in sync with each other. When a record was added to one instance, the same one needed to be added to all the others in development, test and production.

    Esco Corporation
    Esco is a 90 year old global steel manufacturer with a focus on Mining, construction and recycling products. In 1997 they converted to Oracle Financials 10.7 globally from another package. They hired Catapult to help migrate enormous amounts of data from the old system into financials in a 24-hour period at cutover. This required several rehearsals to ensure a safe transition.








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